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When do You Need Professional Gas Appliance Repair with a Gas Stove?

red-tag Gas Appliance
The gas stove is a popular household appliance. However, a gas appliance, like any other, is capable can be damaged. Appliance malfunctions can threaten human health and life. It is strongly recommended to pay attention to malfunctions.
Here are the main appliance malfunctions:
  • The smell of gas from the gas stove or other appliances in a basement and service room;
  • The surface burner does not ignite;
  • Gas burns unevenly on all burners;
  • Black bottom of pots after cooking;
  • The gas stove’s or BBQ’s ignition is not working;
  • The gas adjustment valves do not turn well;
  • The gas turns off when the handle is released.
It should be noted that self-repair of a gas appliance can not. You should contact a professional appliance repair service. TSSA-certified technicians will help with any damage to a gas stove quickly and safety for you and your family.

What exactly is a “Red Tag”? What Does It All Mean?

In Ontario, gaseous fuels such as natural gas are governed by the Technical Standards and Safety Act and its Regulations. These standards must be followed by certified, licensed gas technicians, such as those employed by service companies such as CasiAppliance. In some cases, this regulation will require a gasfitter to fill out a red tag.
So, what exactly is a red tag?
Warning tags, also known as red tags, indicate that: a gas-powered appliance is in “unacceptable condition”; and the person responsible for that appliance (whether the owner, property manager or another occupant or landlord) must take action to find the gas leakage and repair the appliances.
Depending on the severity of the problem, the technician may also be required by law to turn off the gas supply to the appliance. Not only furnaces, but any gas-powered machine, including boilers, water heaters, and gas dryer units, can be red-tagged.

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