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Gas | Electric Oven Repair & Installation

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Stove Cooktop Repair & Installation

Gas and Electric Oven repair service. You won’t be able to go a day without using your stove or cooktop. They are necessities for survival in the kitchen. You can’t cook for yourself or your family if these things break down, which is why you need a repair service right away. With our experience and skills in fixing kitchen appliances, Casi Appliances will help you keep your kitchen functional. We are experts at repairing ovens, stove cooktops. To ensure that we decide anything that needs to being fix, we pay careful attention to the smallest specifics. You can depend on our expertise because we have dealt with a variety of appliance models and brands.


Three months for Part warranty!

Casi Appliances is a TSSA certified repair service provider for most home appliance manufacturers. We service over 70 prominent North American electrical and gas appliance brands, so you don’t have to call two businesses if you own appliances from various manufacturers. The majority of our repair requests are handled on the same day.

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