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Сlean a Washing Machine


Cleaning your washer once a week or biweekly is recommended, depending on how frequently you use the machine.

If you don’t use it as frequently, it’s recommended that you wash it (both inside and out) once a month. Depending on how often you use your washing machine, we recommend you run a cleaning cycle once a week.

If you don’t use it as frequently, it’s advised that you wash it (both inside and out) once a month. Because most clothes/patterns require a cold wash, hot water is seldom operated in the machine. The first thing you can do is wash the appliance in hot water with bleach. 

In the tub of a front-load washer, combine two tablespoons of oxygen bleach or borax and two tablespoons of washing soda. Pour 1/2 cup of each powder into the wash tub of a top-loading machine. Run the most extended cycle at the highest temperature or use the washer’s “clean tub” setting.

Most newer machines have removable dispensers, so take them out, disassemble them, and thoroughly rinse them under hot water. Dislodge any stuck-on gunk with a soft toothbrush. Wipe them dry before reassembling and reinserting them into the machine. If they are still wet, wipe them down with a cloth or leave them open to air dry altogether.

Wipe and dry the rubber seal and drum; if you have a front loader, clean and dry the rubber gasket thoroughly to prevent mold. Wipe away moisture from the drum and the door or lid, or leave it open to dry air.

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